Hotel Diaz : Hotel Booking Options

Hotel Booking Options

The WP Hotel Plugin provides a powerful room booking and reservation management functionality and allows you to install a clear call-to-action tool on your hotel website which will impact conversions and increase bookings. Our room booking system is highly customizable and compatible with various website types.

Modern front-end design

There are different schemes you can choose from in order to match your website branding. The layout is responsive so that clients can load script contents across various mobile devices and make bookings on the go.

Simple online room bookings

The step-by-step reservation process provides customers with a positive experience that impacts conversion rates. The 24×7 open online front-desk encourages clients to book and make online payments on the spot.

Multiple room bookings

Guests can book more than one room within a single reservation. During the booking process, they will see the available rooms for the selected period and can pick one or more rooms and the number of guests

Reservations management

The integrated reservation management system enables administrators to manage booking and customer details and add bookings manually. They can keep track of bookings by date and status on the room availability calendar.

Hotel Booking

Accept Bookings Online

A complete room booking system to provide hotel managers with an easy way to manage reservations and booking availability.

Editable Booking Form

Define which customer details the front-end system will require from customers using simple drop-downs for each booking form field.

Multiple Languages

Translate the hotel reservation system into any language. Add a language tab on the booking form so clients can make their choice.

Payments Processing

Select and enable the payment methods which match your business best – PayPal, Authorize.Net, CC payments, wire transfers etc.

Promos & Vouchers

Manage special offers – launch fixed or percentage discounts for different periods, add holiday packages and promotions

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